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TheRagens Pen and Ink Drawings

We have been working with Pepper Pogue, an artist from Big Rock, Tennessee to convert some of our photographs into pen and ink drawings. Pepper reviews our pictures and then, from those that inspire her, she uses pen and ink techniques to draw them. These drawings are then processed into high quality limited print reproductions on heavy paper stock.

Pen & Ink Drawings ($45 each)

  Pepper Pogue's Artistic Process

I asked Pepper to describe the artistic style and technique that she uses to produce these drawings.

"It usually takes me anywhere from 40-80 hours to make each one of these pen and ink drawings. I start off by making a rough pencil sketch of my subject from one of your photographs and then I render it in pen. I don't always stay 100% accurate to the entire photo; although I try to stay as close to the main subject as I can, I often find that I want to simplify something in order to gain clarity on the primary subject.

"For the original pen and ink drawing, I use pigment ink because it does not run or fade on heavy water color paper. The technique I use is Stippling or Pointillism mixed with a little crosshatching. Pointillism is the technique of creating an artistic composition comprised of nothing but dots. Cross-hatching is the hatching of a surface with parallel lines in two or more series that cross or overlap. Or, more specifically, cross-hatching features the crossing of a series of drawn lines of various lengths, widths and at various angles, with which the artist constructs areas of shadowing or modeling. The eagle drawing and the fox drawing are great examples of the cross-hatching technique.

"For the background, I just go with what I like, as in the rocks or grass or sometimes nothing at all. You will see the difference in the background of 'Bighorn Sheep at Zion National Park' which is a stylized version of the rock walls shown in the original photograph. I want to experiment sometime in the future using colored ink and create a pen & ink rendering in color."

For more drawings by Pepper, check out some of her drawings of horses, birds, and other scenes from her native state of Tennessee.

And, if you're interested in learning more about the techniques of pen and ink drawings, these books offer more details:

Bald Eagle On Takeoff

Bighorn Sheep At Zion National Park

Red Fox In Full Profile

Two Fawns At Rest

Our price list is set in the following table:

$15 5x7 prints. Click here for details.
$25 8x10 prints Click here for details.
$45 Pen and ink drawings. (Limited print reproductions.)
$25 Duplication of our photos on printed material such as flyers, business cards. We also request two copies of your material(s) for our records.
  • All of the limited print reproductions of these pen and ink drawings that we offer have been produced by Pepper Pogue as drawn directly from our photographs. All of the drawings are approximately 8x10 in size and are reproduced on heavy stock paper.
  • We work with PayPal in order to offer secure purchasing capability. You can pay by either credit (via PayPal) or by credit card.
  • Shipping prices are included in the price. We use the lowest cost alternative for shipping.
  • We reserve the rights to update our price list at any time

If you have questions about these, please contact us directly and we will add it to our list.


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