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Columbian Black-Tailed Deer Photos
(Odocoileus hemionus columbianus)

We've had black-tailed deer on our land for years. These animals are fairly small - often no more than three or four feet tall at the front shoulders. Often, these deer will swim 1-2 miles across the channels as they travel between the islands in the San Juan archipelago. With no hunting and no trespassing rules at our place, the deer have done pretty well even though there are some unnatural threats that apparently have taken their toll on the fawns -- particularly some of the neighboring dogs that can run down and kill the small deer.

On the San Juan Islands, these deer are sometimes mistakenly referred to as mule deer; mule deer, I am told, are located on the inland side of the Cascades. This sub-species of black-tailed deer can often be noted by their oversized, sensitive ears.

Album #1 - Black-Tailed Deer Photos from the San Juan Islands

Two deer, at play

Black-Tailed Deer, Up Close

Four-point buck

Deer, surprised

Deer, in profile

Deer and companion
Click on the picture or the caption to see a larger version of each picture.


Album #2 - Vacation photos of deer and other four-legged animals

On some of our family vacations, we have also got very close to deer and other four-legged animals on some of our hikes. These are some of the more unique animal photos where we've had the opportunity to be close enough to in order to get some decent resolution.

Resting by Sequoia

Deer and Fawn

Bighorn Sheep, at Zion

Two Fawns Waiting
Click on the picture or the caption to see a larger version of the picture.


If you're interested in deer, it is hard to avoid the 'let's stalk and shoot 'em' category of hunter's aids books. Nonetheless, there are some books and other materials that appear to be more focused on photography and life studies of North American deer.

These are some of the deer books that are currently available from

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