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TheRagens Book Resources

This section of our website contains references to a number of books that we like and recommend to get additional background on some of the topics that we cover on this website. Book categories include:

Mountain Climbing and Adventure  Books

This category of books have been of interest to me ever since I climbed local peaks such as Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier. I have compiled three comprehensive lists with our recommendations.
bulletClimbing books sorted by mountain
bulletClimbing books sorted by author
bulletOur personal book reviews for these books
Kiss or Kill: Confessions of a Serial Climber by Mark Twight

I have also compiled pages for each of the major awards that are given for mountaineering and outdoor adventure books. These awards showcase biographies, expedition accounts, fiction, children's books, guidebooks and more.
bullet American Alpine Club Literary Award
bulletBanff Mountain Book Festival Awards
bulletBoardman Tasker Memorial Award
bulletNational Outdoor Book Awards

Books on Wines and Winemaking

This part of our site includes topics related to wine appreciation and history as well as books that are oriented towards winemaking - a growing (no pun intended) interest of ours as we are planting our own backyard vineyard.
bullet Wine Appreciation and History
bullet Winemaking and Grape Growing

We also include two recommended book lists on our website:
bullet James Beard Foundation Award: Wine and Spirits Books
bullet Glenfiddich Food and Drink Book Awards
bullet Decanter Magazine: Recommended Wine Books

Photography Books

Over the last 2-3 years, we have highlighted a number of photography books that cover topics ranging from coffee table books to photography techniques and digital image processing. There is little bit of something in these lists for everyone....
bullet Our photography book recommendations
bullet Our favorite photography magazines

Outdoor Photographer Magazine
bulletHoliday Book Guide - 2005
bulletHoliday Book Guide - 2004
bulletHoliday Book Guide - 2003
bulletHoliday Book Guide - 2001
bulletHoliday Book Guide - 2000

Outdoor Photography Magazine
bullet2006 Book of the Month List
bullet2005 Book of the Month List
bullet2004 Book of the Month List
bullet2003 Book of the Month List

Shutterbug Magazine
bulletHoliday Book Guide - 2005
bulletHoliday Book Guide - 2004

  Black and White Magazine
bullet2006 Book of the Month List
bullet2005 Book of the Month List

Photography gear lists

bullet PC Magazine Digital Imaging Awards - 2004
bullet PCPhoto Magazine Editor's Choice - 2004
bullet Popular Photography Magazine Gear Guide - 2005

Children's Books

Children's books that have captivated our two boys or their cousins.

The Seattle Children's Theatre presents a full season of plays. One service that they offer is a list of books related to every production that will help children get more perspective. We have compiled these recommended book lists for the last three seasons.

History and Current Event Books

As part of the development of the family history portion of our website, we have collected a set of history and current event books that are related to our family's background. The books in this list either span the era of our family history or that are of interest to us in some of our other pursuits.

On Our Reading Table

Our current book list show the books that are open today in our house and among our family. What we're reading says something about our set of interests. This list tends to get updated quarterly so it's really sort of a 'best of' list of books that are on our personal lists.

Reunion Book Lists

In the last few years, we have been part of several family reunions. One interesting activity has been the development of a list of books recommended by our extended family.
bullet Ragen Reunion Book List
bulletLevin Reunion Book List
Reflecting my reading tastes in my youth, I have put together a list of all of the books that have won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for best science fiction.

Other books that we have liked over the last year but that don't fall into any of the categories listed above.

Now that we have several years of experience and sales, we have built a list of the bestseller books and other items that some of our visitors have purchased as reported to us via or Powell's Books or Alibris. Click here to see what people have been buying after visiting our website.


The Best Internet Bookstores offers everything from books to DVDs, electronics and clothing. Through their Marketplace, they have a network of independent and used book dealers. Service is good and personal reviews from the Amazon community make it more personal.   Powell's Books is one of the largest bookstores in the country with millions of new and used books available. As a Portland institution, Powell's is a great resource for books on the Pacific Northwest, including pioneer histories and more.   Alibris collects titles from a nationwide network of used bookstores to locate books that are the hardest to find. Booksellers indicate the quality of the books they list and any special details such as whether it's been signed by the author. In our case, we found a signed copy of one of my grandfather's books through them.


And, sign up for Powell's Newsletter (it's free!) in order to stay up to date with their offerings and specials.

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