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Outdoor Photographer Holiday Book Guide - 2002

Every year in their December issue, Outdoor Photographer Magazine publishes their list of best photography books of the year in their holiday book guide. We've taken the liberty to reprint this list from 2001 and a few of their comments on this page as a guide to some of the better photography books of the year. I have highlighted a few with the cover images but all of the books are recognized equally by the magazine.

How-To Books (Instructional and Guidebooks)
  Zone System: Step-by-Step Guide for Photographers by Brian Lav
Learn to duplicate Ansel Adams’ exposure and printing process, known as the Zone System. Instructions include tips on calibrating and using light meters, determining plus and minus development times to control contrast and a step-by-step guide to printing negatives.

National Geographic Photography Guide For Kids by Neil Johnson

Pocket Photoguide by Kodak

Alternative Photographic Processes: A Working Guide For Image Makers by Randall Webb and Martin Reed

Tao Of Photography by Tom Ang

Nature and Wildlife Books
  Wings In The Wild: Habits and Habitats of North American Birds by Tom Vezo and Paul Kerlinger
Beautiful photographs showcase the habitats and personalities of feathered subjects in locations as varied as the Arctic tundra and the tall grasses of the Everglades.
Born To Be Wild: The Bears by Karen and Kennan Ward
Vibrant and adorable photos accompany text that will delight younger photography and wildlife fans. Facts about grizzly, polar and black bears provide an easy, entertaining read and a true adventure.

Loco For Lizards Jim Cherry

Rare And Elusive Birds by William Burt

America’s National Scenic Trails by Jane Lammers and Kathleen Ann Cordes

Butterflies Through Binoculars, The West: A Field Guide To The Butterflies Of Western North America by Jeffrey Glassberg

A Living Bay: The Underwater World Of Monterey Bay by Lovell and Libby Langstroth

Wild Bird Guides: Eastern Bluebird by Gary Ritchison

Way Of The Whitetail by Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III

The World Of The Hummingbird by Robert Burton

General Interest Books
  Sacred Lands Of Indian America by David Muench and Jake Page
Noted landscape photographer Muench contributes 84 images to the stories of 25 endangered “sacred places.” The book was completed with the cooperation of five major American Indian organizations.
Great Ghost Towns Of The West by Tom Till and Teresa Jordan
Discover the mythic towns of America’s past with Till’s distinctive images.
  The Face Of Tibet by William R. Chapman

Napa Valley: The Land, The Wine, The People by Charles O’Rear

America Wide: In God We Trust by Ken Duncan

Foliage by Harold Feinstein

H20: The Beauty And Mystery Of Water by Hans Silvester, Bernard Fischesser and MarieFrance DupuisTate

Maine: The Seasons by Terrell S. Lester

Monsoon by Motoi Ichihara

North America The Beautiful by Galen Rowell

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