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Seagulls (Larus Occidentalis) and Other Birds

We are fortunate to have a retreat in the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound that supports a wide range of wildlife including seagulls and other birds.

Album - Seagull Photos

Seagull at Pile Point

Seagull At Takeoff

Seagulls Lined Up

  Seagulls Waiting
Click on the picture or the caption to see a larger version of the picture.


Album - Other  Birds

In addition to seagulls, bald eagles, and turkey vultures, we've taken some nice pictures of other birds, such as herons and ducks, on the San Juan islands.

Herons aren't quite as numerous yet they are impressive birds. This photo shows a heron perched on top of a rock overlooking an inlet. The flowers in the foreground provide the bright colors that we think make this heron photo interesting.
This picture shows several cormorants sitting on the rotting piles of an abandoned fishing dock near Kanaka Bay on San Juan Island. Cormorants are fish-eating sea birds that, at one time, were used by North American natives as fishing tools.
Bufflehead ducks (Bucephala Albeola) are numerous in waterways. We got this particular photo as the bufflehead was skimming in for a water landing - note the splash as its feet touchdown on the water.

On some of our family vacations, we've also got very close to other kinds of birds on some of our hikes. These are some of the more unique photos where we've had the opportunity to be close enough to in order to get some decent resolution.

This spectacular blue "mountain jay" from Yosemite National Park was watching us eat from about 4-5 feet away.


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