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TheRagens Stock Photography Recommendations

In the last few months, I have made an effort to make a number of my photographs available via several online stock photography agencies. These stock photography agencies are sometimes referred to as microstock agencies since they only make their photographs available via the web and because their pricing models start very low. I encourage you to check these websites out if you are looking for images. 

Microstock Agency
View My Portfolio

iStockPhoto has one of the largest portfolios of royalty-free stock photographs available on the web - their database currently holds over almost 2 million different images and they are adding thousands of new images every week. Prices for photographs vary from $1 and up. In addition to straightforward image licensing, iStock also offers a number of new licensing options too. Recently acquired by Getty Images, iStock is one of the pioneers in the microstock business.

Keyword Search:

ShutterStock is just behind iStockphoto in terms of the number of images available. However, their license model gives image buyers more flexibility through a monthly fee - download as many images as you need for one fee per month. You can click through to their website while searching for a specific image using the searchbox at the left or you can click on the link above.
FeaturePics is the most recent stock agency where I've started to submit photographs. Within the last year, they have added almost 200,000 images to their catalog. Certainly worth looking at, particularly if you are interested in submitting stock photographs. My most popular images are currently these:

Prices for photographs vary from $1 and up depending on whether you have registered (it's free!) or not and the size of the image that you need. You can click through to their website on the icon at the left or on the text above. CanStock currently has more than 400,000 images available online.

View my royalty free stock photography gallery on ImageVortex.comImageVortex
Click here to get to my portfolio of images on ImageVortex. This agency selects images with more vivid colors so, over time, the portfolio I have here is going to be a bit different as I find new images that fit the profile better. This is the most recent of the agencies to which I have submitted photographs to.
Click here to see my portfolio of stock photography images at the Dreamstime agency. Dreamstime currently has somewhat more than 360,000 images available online. Prices for photographs vary from $1 and up. If you do register, please use the referral number of res75398 on the registration form so that I can get credit for the referral. Some of my most popular images on Dreamstime are shown below.
My popular stock images on Dreamstime Stock Photography Community

Many of our wildlife and nature photographs are also available as fine art photographs or as digital stock directly via our website. Please look at our fine art photography page for the images that we only offer via our website.

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