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Online Photo Processing Services

As our family has moved into more digital photography, we have also started to look more for online photo processing services that we could use to print our photos -- or make our pictures available to friends, family, or a broader community. We have tried three different web-based services and each offers good value and options.

Kodak EasyShare Gallery FREE film developing
Kodak EasyShare Gallery is the newest of the online photography web services that we've tried. So far, our experiences have all been positive. Kodak offers a full range of services -- digital print processing, film -> digital conversion, online photo albums, gift or holiday cards, and more.

There is no cost to join the Kodak EasyShare Gallery. Plus, at the time we wrote this, they are currently offering ten (10) free pictures when you sign up for their services!!

We use Shutterfly for standard prints as they offer fast 1-2 day service at a good value. We also use have used them for the last 2-3 years for our annual holiday cards too. Quality is good, delivery is fast, and they offer many different options. Their process for sharing prints is straightforward and we've used Shutterfly to share our prints with our family and, as described below, for anyone.

There is no cost to join Shutterfly. At the time we wrote this, they are currently offering fifteen (15) free pictures when you signup!!

We've also used Snapfish to process some of our photos. Snapfish also offers quick service and high quality. In addition to uploading from digital cameras, Snapfish will also process film and then store the photos online for easier sharing.

There is no cost to join Snapfish. At the time we wrote this, they are currently offering free processing for the first roll of film you send them as well as ten (10) free pictures after you upload pictures!!

Most of our photos are available to print from To access our photos, please follow these two steps:

Step 1: First, you must join the service. If you are not already a member of Shutterfly, then you can easily join Shutterfly by clicking here first and completing the forms.

Step 2: Second, once you have become a member, return to this page and click here to get taken to our San Juan Island wildlife photo album on Shutterfly. You will not be able to view these photos unless you have become a member.

If you want to print some of our photos from any of these services, these notes might be helpful.

  1. Most of our images are stored at 1200x800 pixels so pictures can be printed as 4x6 inch prints with no cropping.
  2. 5x7 prints will be cropped on the left and right edges but resolution will still be good.
  3. Not all of our pictures will look good as 8x10 photos. Check our stock photography gallery if you're interested.
  4. We've already adjusted contrast and colors. However, these services all offer additional tools that you can use to further modify our pictures for additional cropping and color adjustments.



Ofoto, A Kodak Company

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