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Photography Books

Through many of the connections we've made on the web, we've come across a number of books and magazines for photographers that are consistently recommended. We'd like to pass this list on in case any of these books might be interesting to you -- or as gifts to the photographer that you know.

In addition to our list, we also offer several other book guides from various magazines.

Outdoor Photography Magazine (UK) Outdoor Photographer Magazine (US) Other Book Guides
- 2006 Books of the Month
- 2005 Books of the Month
- 2004 Books of the Month
- 2003 Books of the Month

- B&W Magazine 2006 Books of the Month
- B&W Magazine 2005 Books of the Month

- 2005 Holiday Book Guide
- 2004 Holiday Book Guide

- 2003 Holiday Book Guide
- 2001 Holiday Book Guide
- 2000 Holiday Book Guide
- Shutterbug 2005 Holiday Guide
- Shutterbug 2004 Holiday Guide

- Our book recommendations

- Our magazine recommendations

Wildlife, Nature, and Landscape Photography

I love these books. Not only do they provide an education on how to approach wildlife and nature photography. But, they also provide a library of some of the more fascinating and technically difficult photographs that these artists have chosen to illustrate their books. It's not often that one can take a class from the likes of John Shaw or Art Wolfe or Arthur Morris or other top-notch photographers so their books provide at least one way to learn from them.

John Shaw's Nature Photography Field Guide by John Shaw

John Shaw's Closeups in Nature by John Shaw

John Shaw's Landscape Photography by John Shaw


National Geographic Photography Field Guide 2nd Edition: Secrets to Making Great Pictures by Peter Burian and Robert Caputo

The Art of Photographing Nature by Art Wolfe

National Geographic Photography Field Guides: Landscapes by Robert Caputo and Peter Burian


The Art of Outdoor Photography: Techniques for the Advanced Amateur and Professional by Boyd Norton

Natural Visions by Heather Angel

The Master Guide for Wildlife Photographers by Bill Silliker

The Wildlife Photographers Field Manual: Capturing Wildlife in Photographs by Joe McDonald

The Complete Guide to Night and Low-Light Photography by Lee Frost

Where and How to Photograph Wildlife by Peter Evans

The Art of Bird Photography: The Complete Guide to Professional Field Techniques by Arthur Morris

The New Complete Guide to Wildlife Photography: How to Get Close and Capture Animals on Film by Joe McDonald

100 Ways to Take Better Landscape Photographs by Guy Edwardes

Moose Peterson's Guide to Wildlife Photography: Conventional and Digital Techniques by B. Moose Peterson


General Photography Guides

Wildlife and nature photography technique is dominated by deep consideration of focal length, exposure times, dynamic range and other technical considerations in addition to the basic tradeoffs. These books get you into a deeper discussion of photography skills that focus on composition as well as more general topics.

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

Kodak Guide to 35mm Photography: Techniques for Better Pictures

The A-Z of Creative Photography: Over 70 Techniques Explained in Full by Lee Frost

Photographic Composition by Tom Grill

Photography and the Art of Seeing by Freeman Patterson

Learning to See Creatively: Design, Color & Composition in Photography by Bryan Peterson


Digital Processing

I've gone fully digital now; the key benefits to me are instant feedback on the picture that I've just taken as well as a virtually unlimited capacity -- I can take hundreds of pictures and get instant feedback on the photographic merits (via a histogram feature on my camera) as well as the focus and layout. As a result, I have the opportunity to experiment with pictures rather than buying film for every exposure. Going digital has meant learning a new workflow in order to get the most out of my pictures. These books offer a great start.

Adobe Photoshop CS Studio Techniques by Ben Willmore

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Photographers, First Edition by Martin Evening

Photoshop Elements 2 Solutions: The Art of Digital Photography by Mikkel Aaland

Complete Digital Photography (2nd Edition) by Ben Long

Photoshop CS2: Up To Speed by Ben Willmore




Coffee Table Books:

Sometimes, nothing is so good as the chance to sit back and look at some of the best photos around. The following coffee table books can be left on the table but offer the author's best work.

Ansel Adams At 100 by Ansel Adams, John Szarkowski (Editor)

Life: Our National Parks; Celebrating America's Natural Splendor by Editors of Life Magazine

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land by Subhankar Banerjee

National Geographic: The Wildlife Photographs by John G. Mitchell

The San Juan Islands: Crown Jewels of the Pacific Coast by Mark Gardner

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska by Mark Kelley

Through the Lens: National Geographic's Greatest Photographs by Leah Bendavid-Val

Denali: Reflections of a Naturalist by Kennan Ward

Edge of the Earth, Corner of the Sky photography by Art Wolfe

Infrared Photography & Camera Conversion

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