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There are a number of organizations with sites on the Internet that we think are worth highlighting. We have been and are involved with many of these organizations in some way -- as a participant or as a customer.

The Summer Science Program is an educational organization that exposes selected high school students to advanced topics in mathematics, astronomy, physics, and computer science. Unique for its hands-on, practical approach, SSP challenges its students to calculate the orbits of minor planets (asteroids) from their own observations via a telescope, measurements, and calculations. The results are submitted to the Minor Planet Center at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and are catalogued there.

For a flavor (even though somewhat different) of what the kids do, check out this nifty tool called J-Track 3D that is offered by NASA. It tracks the earth orbits of over 500 satellites. The 3-D applet allows you to rotate the earth and tilt the perspective, to zoom in and out, to select a single satellite from a long list or from a constellation of satellites like the Iridium system. A fun little toy that can be educational for kids interested in satellites and space.

I participated in the program in 1978 and felt it was an extremely valuable experience. If you know of a young person (junior in high school) who is interested in six weeks of high-powered physics and astronomy over the summer, check out their website or download the application form or look at the nifty program poster.

BUSH75ANIMATED.GIF (4661 bytes) The Bush School is an independent K-12 school located in Seattle. It offers a broad liberal arts experience from art to zoology. The school just completed construction of a new state-of-the-art Math and Science building. In addition to academics, the school offers a strong athletic and wilderness program. Notable alumni include Meg Greenfield (of Newsweek magazine) and Chris Dederer (of the band Presidents of the USA).
The Seattle Children's Theatre is the leading producer of new works and classics of children's literature that are targeted for the stage. In the 1999-2000 season, plays ranged from a sequel to The Wizard of Oz to When I Grow Up I'm Gonna Get Some Big Words which presented the history of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s. The theatre provides professional theatre and theatre education experiences to children of all ages.  In addition to live performances, the theatre also offers a wide range of acting classes for children.  If you're in Seattle with kids, then check it out. (Click here to see the booklist for the current play.)
McAdams Wright Ragen, Inc McAdams Wright Ragen, my family's investment management firm, provides a complete range of brokerage and investment services - with an emphasis on a personal approach. They offer expert, tailored advice based on a prudent asset allocation model and supported by thorough research. The objective is to build balanced portfolios using a mixture of value stocks, growth stocks, and fixed income securities.

Hobbies and other cool stuff.  (OK, I admit it; you can let me grow up but you can't take the boy out of me yet!)


There is something extraordinarily satisfying about mastering the 'simple' skill of catching a boomerang after throwing it 50-60 yards. Bailey's Boomerangs offers
bulletA good variety of boomerangs for sale
bullet2-3 auctions per year (that partially support the US Boomerang Association) offer a wide variety of collectibles
bulletLinks to a ton of other 'rang sites.

If boomerangs are fun, then kites have to be fun too. Once Upon A Breeze offers a wide variety of kites to satisfy everyone's interest: stunt kites, parafoils, cool kites, and kid's kites.

We are often asked to make recommendations on how to get to the San Juan Islands and things that people can do there. To help make this easier for our friends, we've put together this quick quide to San Juan Island.

Both sides of our family held reunions over the last 12 months. We put together a family reunion survey for each; the survey was designed as an ice-breaker and a way to identify common interests across different Take a look at our surveys -- and some of the answers that our family came up with.

Finally, there are a number of papers and articles that we have written and published as part of our professional lives that may be of interest to people.  These papers are described in more detail on a separate page.


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