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Since we started this family website in 2000, we've received quite a bit of interesting feedback (mostly positive, some negative or bizarre) from visitors. We thought that it might be helpful and educational to share some of these comments - click here to go straight to the comments. Of course, we'd like to get your feedback on our website as well!! Please click here to send us email if you need an immediate response.

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Barely Edited Site Feedback From The Last Few Months


I read with great interest your chapter on the Munk family's escape from Prague. I am writing a book about Unitarian rescue activities in Europe during WWII and their main collaborators. An American couple -- Waitstill and Martha Sharp -- came out from Boston in February 1939 and stayed until August 1939. They interviewed thousands of refugees to help with British and US visa applications; they also brought some money for food and medical relief and train tickets out of the country. Frank Munk's name appears on a list of possible refugee "clients" of the Unitarians. I did not compile this list, but theorize that Frank Munk's name appears because the Unitarians were working closely with Beatrice Wellington and may have shared in some of the work. As the only Americans working on refugee escape in Prague at that time (as far as I know), the Sharps may have gone to the US consulate to confirm that Frank Munk was who he said he was. In an oral history done in the 1970s, Waitstill Sharp describes going to the US consulate in Prague to back up refugee applications to US academic institutions. Waitstill Sharp also joined UNRRA in 1946; took the Maryland training course, and returned to Prague, though he spent some of that year in the Middle East. I wonder if Frank and Nadia ever met Waitstill and Martha Sharp? They are being honored next week in Israel (posthumously) with the Righteous Among Nations award from Yad Vashem. The second and third Americans to receive this honor.


I came across your web site and love the bald eagle photos. I am coming to San Juan island in July with the goal of getting great eagle photos. Other than being on a boat, where do you recommend going on the island for my best chance at getting good eagle photos? I realize were dealing with wildlife so it is hard to say, but where have you had your best luck?

[Our reply: Bald eagles tend to live near the water. At least in our part of the island, it seems as though there are about 1-2 pairs of eagles in every mile of coastline. You'll be able spot them (little bit of white) near the tops of trees where they have a view of the water. They are easily disturbed by people, though. In June, they are still tending their nests; you really shouldn't disturb the adults or their young by getting too close; if you chase away the adults, the island's crows have an unfortunate way of swooping in to eat the baby eagles. If you're taking photos, bring a long telephoto lens; 400mm is probably minimum..]


I just visited your website and wanted to let you know that I printed a couple of pictures for educational use. One of my students is studying seals and has been dying for pictures to display with her research on a poster. She will be so happy to see your pictures.


I am the owner and publisher of The Dumpling Newsletter, a Czech/American weekly internet publication ( The Dumpling is really a "family" magazine with a subscribership of over 300,000 world-wide. I am going to do an article this week about the Czech Jews. I would very much like to reference your [grandfather's memoirs] book.


I thought Cal's account of The Oregon Trail was wonderful, or as he would say "fine". My family came over in 1845 and were part of the Meek Trail disaster. My great-great-grandmother Sophronia Hurd Terwilliger died as a result of the cutoff. I don't know if she kept a diary or not, There is none that I know of. My mother knew my great-grandfather Hiram Terwilliger and he told her many stories about coming west. I'm sure many of his recollections were from his father James as he was only 5 at the time. There is a new novel about the Meek Cutoff called "A Heart for Any Fate: Westward to Oregon-1845 by Linda Crew. I have been in contact with her and I am eager to read the book. It is an young adult novel, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it just the same. Well, I will read the other entries from your family soon.

In order to ensure that this page loads quickly, we have moved some of the older comments we've received to a few other pages. Check them out and thanks for visiting!

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