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Family History

bullet Geer - Family History from Oregon Trail
bullet Calvin Geer: My Trip To Oregon As I Remember It (1847)
bulletElizabeth Dixon Smith Geer's Oregon Trail Diary (1847)
bullet Geer Family History - from Fifty Years In Oregon
bullet Geer Family History - John Eoff
bullet Heman Johnson Geer, Eulogies
bullet Joseph Carey Geer, Eulogies (1881)
bullet Ralph Geer's recollections of the Oregon Trail in 1847
bulletRalph Geer - Battle of Abiqua
bulletLevin - Memories of Lithuania
bulletMunk - Leaving Prague
bulletMy Century And My Many Lives. The complete memoirs and autobiography of Frank Munk.
bullet My Century and My Many Lives. Full version in PDF format.
bullet Introduction
bullet Chapter 1 - The Silver Bell
bullet Chapter 2 - From Bosnia to Bosnia
bullet Chapter 3 - At the Store
bullet Chapter 4 - Present at the Creation
bullet Chapter 5 - Jews and Other Jews
bullet Chapter 6 - A Student-Diplomat
bullet Chapter 7 - On the Fringes of Politics
bullet Chapter 8 - More Lives Than Two
bullet Chapter 9 - America 1931-1933
bullet Chapter 10 - The Road to Munich
bullet Chapter 11 - The Escape
bullet Chapter 12 - With President Benes in Chicago
bullet Chapter 13 - Portland I
bullet Chapter 14 - Berkeley, 1941-1944
bullet Chapter 15 - An International Civil Servant
bullet Chapter 16 - Returning to Prague
bullet Chapter 17 - Tale of Two Cities
bullet Chapter 18 - Global Outreach
bullet Chapter 19 - Radio Free Europe
bullet Chapter 20 - Paris
bullet Chapter 21 - The Ragen-Radenovic Saga
bullet Chapter 22 - Requiem for Yugoslavia
bullet Chapter 23 - A Federal Appointee
bullet Chapter 24 - From Silver Bell to Silver Screen
bullet Chapter 25 - World Affairs Council of Oregon
bullet Chapter 26 - Farewell to Czechoslovakia
bullet Chapter 27 - A View of Mount Hood
bullet Chapter 28 - Towards 2085
bullet Postscript: The Silver Bell Revisited
bullet Postscript: Secret Notes Rediscovered
bullet Postscript: Central Europe Is Back
bullet Epilogue
bulletMunk - Memorial Service
bulletMunk - I Acted In Defense Of Academic Freedom
bulletMunk - Published Books
bulletMunk - Atlantic Dilemma
bulletMunk - The Economics Of Force
bullet Preface
bullet Chapter 1 - The Unseen Revolution
bullet Chapter 25 - A Supercontinental Empire
bullet Chapter 26 - The Last Frontier
bullet Chapter 27 - The Sword and the Spirit
bullet Chapter 28 - Castles In the Air
bulletMunk - The Legacy of Nazism
bullet Chapter 1 - The Impact of Totalitarian Economy
bullet Chapter 3 - Removal and Destruction of Populations
bullet Chapter 7 - Banking and Germanization
bullet Chapter 11 - Psychology of the Subjugated
bulletPrasil Family History
bulletThe Time and Lives of Vera Prasilova Scott
bullet Ragen - Interview with Florence Gradon Ragen
bulletFinding Ragenovich (aka Radenovic)
bulletReturn to Vrba
bulletTheodore Levin United States Courhouse

Book Lists

bulletBestseller Books
bulletAdventure and Mountain Climbing
bulletAdvice and Technology
bulletArt, Photography, Nature, and Wildlife
bulletChildren's Books
bulletFiction and others
bullet Bestseller DVDs, CDs, Toys, and Games
bulletBook Reviews
bulletChildren's books
bulletCurrent book list
bulletHistory books
bulletHugo and Nebula Award Winning Books for Best Science Fiction
bulletMountain climbing recommendations (No cover art, sorted by mountain)
bullet Mountain climbing recommendations (with cover art, sorted by author)
bullet The American Alpine Literary Award
bullet The Banff Mountain Book Festival Awards: Grand Awards 
bullet Banff Awards - Adventure Travel Category
bullet Banff Awards - Canadian Rockies Category
bullet Banff Awards - Mountain Exposition Category
bullet Banff Awards - Mountain History Category
bullet Banff Awards - Mountain Image Category
bullet Banff Awards - Mountain Literature Category
bullet The Boardman-Tasker Memorial Award
bullet The National Outdoor Book Awards
bullet Children's Award
bullet Design and Artistic Merit
bullet History and Biography
bullet Instructional and How-To
bullet Natural History Literature
bullet Nature and Environment
bullet Nature Guidebooks
bullet Outdoor Adventure Guidebooks
bullet Outdoor Classics
bullet Outdoor Literature
bulletOther books
bulletReunion Book List
bulletSeattle Children's Theatre Recommended Booklist
bullet2003-2004 season including Tibet Through The Red Box and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
bullet 2002-2003 season including The BFG and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
bullet 2001-2002 season including Johnny Tremain and Holes
bullet 2000-2001 season including Animal Farm and Winnie The Pooh
bullet 1999: The Midwife's Apprentice
bullet1999: When I Grow Up I'm Gonna Get Some Big Words
bullet Wine Appreciation and history books
bullet Winemaking and grapegrowing books
bullet Wine books recommended by Decanter Magazine


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Other Links

bulletQuick guide to San Juan Island
bulletPublished articles
bullet Face-Off: UNIX versus Windows NT
bullet Real-Time Systems With Microsoft Windows NT Technology Brief
bullet OpenGL 3-D Graphics Technology Brief
bullet Windows NT Workstation in Engineering and Science White Paper
bullet Microsoft Solutions in Engineering
bullet Modular CAD: Objects of Desire
bullet Customer Management: Origins and Directions
bullet Customer Management on the Internet: Building a Community of Customers
bullet Editorials published in Sales and Field Force Automation magazine
bulletFamily reunion surveys
bullet Survey 1 - Question 1
bullet Survey 1 - Question 2
bullet Survey 1 - Question 3
bullet Survey 1 - Question 4
bullet Survey 1 - Question 5
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bullet Survey 1 - Question 10
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