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New Photos

This page showcases the five most recent photographs that we have posted on our website - in many ways, this is a snapshot of some of our current interests or themes.

Stormy Weather
On the western side of San Juan Island, winter storms sweep in from the Straits of San Juan de Fuca. With 30 miles of open water, the waves can become quite large. This image of the Stormy Weather on a day in late November shows the spray from these waves as they crash against the rocks. The long time exposure smooths some of the wave action.

North American "Water Buffalo"
After four days in Yellowstone Park, we found our first buffalo!!! This large male was separated by about a quarter of a mile from a small herd of 50-60 buffalo. After watching him graze contentedly for maybe fifteen minutes, he started to trudge across the river to rejoin the rest of his herd. The details on this picture really highlight the folds in the skin on his back, the splash of the water as he moved across the river, etc. We watched very, very quietly as he passed by our location maybe fifty yards distant -- definitely close enough given this bull's size and horns. In our stay, we also got nice photographs of bighorn sheep, a bull moose, a black bear.

Steamboat Geyser
In addition to wildlife in Yellowstone, we kept our eyes out for great scenery. Steamboat Geyser is known for having the highest eruption when it erupts -- reaching 90-100 feet in height. On the day we visited, it was sending up occasional geysers to a height of maybe 10 feet. I kept this image in black and white as the stark contrast of the small eruption really stands out in a dramatic way. In addition to several other geysers, I also have photographs of some of the waterfalls in the park.
The Morning Gargle
Over Memorial Day weekend, I discovered that our car actually made a nice blind as the eagle was pretty familiar with cars -- this meant that I could park about 40 yards from the pile that, almost every morning, an eagle would perch on for some time. The key is getting there before dawn so that they don't see you getting into the car. At any rate, this shot was captured just before sunrise (note the slightly pink sky). The eagle's neck was stretched vertically as it was calling to its mate.
Sea Lion Barking
We were scrambling on the rocks on our shoreline when this big sea lion suddenly appeared just about 10-15 feet off shore. As he went by, he started to bark, quite loudly, at our intrusion. He looked to be at least ten feet long.


We've also recently added a number of photography book reviews to our site. For the most part, these have been selected as a book of the month or in the holiday gift guides by leading photography magazines such as Outdoor Photography magazine (in the UK), Outdoor Photographer magazine (US), or Shutterbug (US).

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Holiday Book Guide - 2004

We have also posted the holiday gear guides (aka editor's choice lists) from Popular Imaging, PCPhoto, and PC Magazine as a guideline for anyone interested in getting highlights on some of the best cameras, software, and other photography items from 2004.


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