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Sunbreak Cellars - Bibliography and References

In our search for information as we learned about grapegrowing and vineyards as our planning for Sunbreak Wine Cellars, some of the books that we found were more useful than others. Here are the books that we relied on for information as we made our choices. This list starts with books focused on grape growing and vineyard management and ends with winemaking. Most of these books are available from (click on the title). Those that are out-of-print or that are limited in distribution, I have listed alternative sources.

coverFrom Vines to Wines: The Complete Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine; Jeff Cox. This is probably the most valuable single book to get started with. On my first reading, it introduced many of the techniques required to (1) successfully grow grapes and (2) make wine. Overall, this book was a comprehensive start to the whole concept of growing grapes and winemaking and it was a great start in helping to make this whole process less intimidating. (Buy from Powell's or

Oregon Viticulture by Edward W. Hellman (editor), et al.
This book updates the fabulous Oregon Winegrape Growers' Guide edited by Ted Casteel. These books are unique in their approach of combining the expertise and experience of university researchers with that of professional grape growers and winemakers. The new version has both broader coverage of more topics and greater depth of coverage than its predecessor. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the characteristics of a vineyard site, matching grape varieties to the site, and selecting the most appropriate management practices for each unique site. The structure and physiology of grapevines is concisely summarized, and viticulture principles are introduced throughout the book. Standard production practices are described, and separate chapters discuss sustainable viticulture practices and organic grape growing. Important business management topics not usually found in similar books are also addressed, including economics, marketing and contracts, compliance with government regulations, and labor management. Either book is an extremely valuable book for anyone attempting to grow grapes in relatively cold climates such as Puget Sound or in Oregon. (Pre-Order or Buy from Powell's or

For more books, please check out our complete list of books on winemaking and grapegrowing.


Sources For Unusual Wines

Some of the wine varieties that we wanted to try really were obscure for most of the local wine shops that are focused on what most people want to drink in the US: that is, traditional varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir. In order to find commercial examples of some of the more unusual wines like St. Laurent, Zweigelt and so on, we searched via the Internet. Some of the best sources that we found include:

K&L Wines: Good selection of Austrian wines that include St. Laurent, Zweigelt and Gruner Veltiner (a white variety).



Wine Enthusiast - Ultimate wine accessories site! The Wine Enthusiast is a great source of glassware, serving and preservation systems, in addition to self-contained wine cellars and other wine storage options. If you're not sure what you need, the company offers a list of 'Recommended' items that cover a wide range of needs through their home page.

Wine glasses, decanters and more: Many choices are available including Riedel and Spiegelau crystal stemware and decanters. Plus, there are many products to clean and care for your glassware.   


Serving and preserve your wine, from the most elegant decanters to chillers, coasters, drip savers and more. When we want wine by the glass (when we don't think we'll finish a bottle), we use the WineKeeper which automatically fills the bottle with nitrogen to preserve the wine.
Corkscrews Corkscrews and cork pullers are essential tools. Wine Enthusiast has a wide variety of devices including the traditional Laguiole corkscrew to the smooth Rabbit Corkscrew leverpull types. Storing your wine doesn't have to be difficult. Wine Enthusiast offers everything from free standing wine cellars to wine racks and cooling systems that can be installed in a closet or a corner of the basement.   
Finally, for great deals, don't forget to check out the clearance items and the Wine Cellar Outlet Store areas.


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