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Mountain Photography
Bradford Washburn

This book is a marvelous record of mountain exploration and photography with photos that span a period of almost 70 years. This small collection representing much less than 1% of Washburn's photographs is a remarkable record of photography rivaling Ansel Adams or Vittorio Sella. Although the photos were originally taken to support his geological or surveying research or to provide guide shots for climbers, Washburn soon realized that he had a knack for taking photographs as art that were as good as any being produced by other photographers. This book may be a disappointment for those who want expedition photographs as few of the photographs include people. Yet, many of the pictures are aerial photographs so the lack of people in many is not surprising. What makes it ultimately worthwhile is the crispness of the pictures, the attention to details on the ridges and valleys of the mountains, the striped patterns revealed in the flow of glaciers, and so on.


  This book won the 2000 Banff Mountain Book Award in the Mountain Image category and the 2000 National Outdoor Book Award in the Design and Artistic Merit category. From the award citations:

Banff: The book reflects the eight decades that Bradford Washburn has spent documenting mountain landscapes from the Grand Canyon to Mount Everest. Edited and compiled by Antony Decaneas, the book includes one hundred large format mountain photographs selected from the over 10,000 images in the Washburn portfolio.

NOBA: Traveling the world for eight decades, mountaineer, explorer, scientist and cartographer Bradford Washburn has documented the world's landscapes like no other. This is his life's work as seen through his own camera: one hundred large format mountain photographs, all exquisitely reproduced. The book includes a short interview with Washburn, but it is the photos which speak volumes about him and his artistic genius.


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