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Dark Shadows Falling
Joe Simpson

Several years after writing Touching the Void, the author's leg has recovered to some degree. Simpson is back in the Himalayas attempting a difficult first ascent up the South Face of Pumori; a climb that he is not really mentally prepared for even if he is physically ready.

As part of the soul-searching about whether his body and mind are up for the challenge of completing this climb, this book ultimately swerves left into a lengthy discussion of the ethics of mountain climbing including topics such as peak bagging, enviromental concerns such as littering, overcrowding. Simpson details his increasingly fragile philosophy around the ethics of big mountain climbing. Once the book swerves back onto the efforts of the climb, Simpson uses the ethics discussion to frame many of the decisions that his team made during the climb.

A very interesting and rewarding book.



This book was a finalist for a 1997 Banff Mountain Book Festival Award in the Mountain Literature category and a finalist for the 1997 Boardman Tasker Memorial Award.


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