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Oregon Trail Stories: True Accounts of Life in a Covered Wagon by David Klausmeyer
In the mid-1800s, thousands of pioneers braved the arduous journey across the Great Plains for a chance to build a new life in the West. These emigrants traveled 2,000+ miles to the Pacific Ocean over the Oregon Trail in the largest mass migration in American history. Oregon Trail Stories offers a selection of these narratives told in the pioneers' own words. From the diary of a member of the Donner Party to an excerpt from the memoirs of a girl orphaned as her family made their way West, these documents speak of the difficulties of an uncertain future and the hardships of the trail - including the real threat of illness or death.

The Oregon Trail by Francis Parkman
In 1846, a young man of privilege left his comfortable Boston home to embark on a strenuous overland journey to the untamed West. This timeless account of Parkman's travels and travails provides an expressive portrait of the rough frontiersmen, immigrants, and Native Americans he encounters, set against the splendor of the unspoiled wilderness.

If you are interested in early Oregon History, the following books help illustrate many of the chapters written in T. T. Geer's book.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Indian Wars

Oregon Pioneers and History